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  • Mood: Distressed

Oh how I hate this so much, soooo much. I actually -like- Knuckles, as a character. Knuckles the echidna was one of my favorites. I really did like him a lot and such I always liked looking him up and studying his story and everything.

No more.
No more.

I can't look him up safely anymore and it really -really- sucks.

Do you have any idea how much it sucks to know that you have to be very careful when wanting to look things up about a character you like because of an official side design makes you physically ill? It is a horrible feeling and of course it's around everywhere. 

I have to see it so much and I'm constantly trying to block it and avoid it.

I don't have to be following Sonic blogs to be consumed in it and I have to block it this way and that and do whatever I can to keep it away so I don't throw up all the time.
So just so everyone knows who knows me and might want to talk about Sonic Boom.

Do not send me any thing that contains imagery of the Sonic Boom Knuckles design.
That's all I ask. No images of big Knuckles. None. NOTHING.

I don't care what you say this isn't me saying I want to avoid it since I hate it. I want to avoid it so I don't have physical health issues. There's people who have issues seeing blood, it makes them sick, well Knuckles' design is based on something that makes me sick and it's now so much into his design that it does the same thing so I… I just… I'm going to go to the bathroom now because I've seen too much… ugh… my stomach…
mudkip003 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh dear, I'm sorry that the design is triggering for you. There may be blocking programs you can use, if that helps at all? I know Tumblr, which I am fairly active on, has a couple very trustworthy apps that block trigger content in particular.
VocalDawn Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah I've been trying to use some like on tumblr but it's diffcult when people don't tag stuff and the new memes around putting other characters heads on Knuckle's body it's just. x-x I've left all Sonic sites I was apart of but TSF and that I've set so images don't load ahead of time and now ask my friend to precheck stuff for me that could include images of it and have him look up related stuff.

It really sucks but I have to deal with it now because it will never go away.

Sucks too because I was looking forward to another Sonic Game with multiple charcters.
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February 7, 2014


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